Decentalized and Working for You.

Decidedly Different and Defined by Your Needs

Push.Design is a unique collective of Designers, Engineers, Producers, and Creative Individuals that live across the country and bring their unique visions and skills to a collective whole. Founded by Scott Melanson and Jerzy Glica, they continually look to progress their offerings as a collective while simultaneously perfecting their crafts to best serve their clients. Bringing together culture, vision, and empathy for the user are the signatures of Push.Design and will continue to shape the future Products/Environments for their partners.

We have an overall philosophy of being “Decidedly Different, Defined by Your Needs”. In short, it means that our employees, contractors, and contributors can live wherever they choose. Even our two founders live in vastly different parts of the country (Jerzy Glica in the heart of NYC and Scott Melanson in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN). We were founded in 2013 as a side-venture between the two and have continued to grow and progress together as well as our network of offerings. We now have collaborators across the US ready to bring their expertise to your project.

Forum Collaboration – Passion-Based Work Ethic

Push.Design was founded by two Industrial Designers who knew they needed a change in design, project management, and the overall approach to development that they were witnessing in their field. We have decades of experience in the design of consumer, commercial, medical, toy, and automotive accessories as well as countless other fields. Good Design for a product goes far beyond just making it look good; it needs to resonate with the user and become an extension to themselves and your company. We look at the surrounding environments, the user’s climate, demographics, and the competitive markets among dozens of other factors to meet this.

The Push.Design Network is comprised of professionals from all walks of life and expertise who work together for a client beyond their singular focus. In other words, we all have jobs that pay the bills outside of Push.Design and we want to do something more, we don’t need to do it to “keep the lights on”. Additionally, this means we can pick and choose who we work with (as well as the team that’s most appropriate for the application), meaning that we’re as invested in this process and product as you are because if we weren’t, we’d recommend you to another.

Stronger Together

One of the biggest things that we can offer is not only our skills as designers and coordinators alike but our long history of lessons learned and creative ways of moving through challenging scenarios and situations. Even with the relatively small team, Push.Design can offer over 60 years of combined experience and our extended network far exceeds that as well, with their network of facilitators, managers, and partners that we will deliver on every project.

This will go from knowing how to quickly determine the necessary tasks to accomplish the goal at hand all the way through to distribution to any and all of your locations. This, in combination with the already decade-long partnership between our two companies, we’ve done this enough to know how to work together seamlessly and effectively through almost every hurdle that’s come our way.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that we are essentially connecting every part of the design and development cycle upfront; with the client, designer, engineer, manufacturer, and distributor all within the same conversation. This will allow for an unparalleled synchronization and understanding of the various intricacies of a project.